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You don’t get much smoother than a rogue… which made this the perfect follow-up to our first whiskey, Paladin! Quest’s End returns with the next chapter of our all-original fantasy saga Dawn of the Unbound Gods and a whiskey crafted to match, blended from small batch Kentucky and Indiana 4+ year aged bourbons with rich notes of vanilla alongside bright baked apple/jammy fruit and cooling herbaceous notes to create a balanced aroma and finish. It’s so deliciously smooth, it won a prestigious silver medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

The brainchild of celebrity actor/gaming entrepreneur Matthew Lillard, screenwriter Justin Ware, and spirits Master Blender Ale Ochoa, Quest’s End Whiskey crafts high-end potables for fantasy fans and RPGs. This limited-edition super-premium whiskey is inspired by Yuwe, The White Spider, the main character in the second chapter of our all-original fantasy saga Dawn of the Unbound Gods.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
luis cardona miranda
Fucking Amazing

Got it 3 days ago and just cracked it open went from a full bottle to less than a quarter in about 10 min everyone who tried some loved it definitely need to order me another bottle or 3

Meghann V
Bought 3 more!

I bought this for my husband because he's big into D&D and whiskeys. He loved it and asked me to buy it again and then we shared the second bottle with friends who ALSO loved it!! So I've purchased 3 bottles now and I'm on my way to the fourth!

Ashley Kraemer

This was wonderful. I brought this to a campaign and I cracked this bad boy open it was so good we drank it all but a tiny bit I had to hide like the rogue I am for another day. The taste is one of the best and I have been to the bourbon trail in Kentucky this was truly a great tasting bottle.

Tim F
Sneaky Good

I joined the club to get all bottles. Paladin is ok, but this Rogue is absolutely fantastic. I have to get another bottle as my last one went so fast.

Maggie M
Apparently I'm into this

I didn't know I was a whiskey person, so I bought this more as a novelty. Now I'm sure I am. Only about half was kept for drinking, though. I'm making probably the most expensive vanilla extract I've ever seen out of the rest.

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Quests End Dragon

Don’t let this slippery character get away!


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