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Paladin +1

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Experience the first chapter in a series of limited-edition super-premium whiskeys for the discerning adventurer.

Selected and blended from existing aging stocks by our award-winning Master Blender/Alchemist Ale Ochoa, this super-premium whiskey has notes of vanilla and fruit in keeping with the noble aims of a Paladin, with an undercurrent of spice to reflect their fighting spirit. This limited-edition offering also includes the first chapter of a brand new fantasy saga, Dawn of the Unbound Gods, written by esteemed game designer Kate Welch and accompanied by art from modern fantasy master Tyler Jacobson.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to our premium design and bottle elements, Paladin +1 will not arrive until the spring. We know this is a longer wait, but we did truly sell out the first release, and it took no small amount of magic to find and blend the original recipe and prepare our unique bottle for our Paladin’s second voyage. We hope and trust it will be worth the wait.

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Customer Reviews

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Here we are, Curse of Stradh adventure party gathered and raising a glass to the folks at Quest's End Whiskey for distilling a truly delicious batch. It's a smooth sipper, this one. Pappy's got nothing on you Paladin! Thank you Matthew and friends for giving us such a welcome boon! Now, on to defeating Stradh!

Matthew Frison
Amazing drink

Had a bottle at a game session. Was strong flavorful and can’t wait until it’s available to buy again and definitely want to try the next chapter

5 stars

I had in my possession Quest’s End. When I had taken a sip of the fine beverage I had started breathing fire uncontrollably, in a few seconds I had completely exhausted myself and that’s when I realized there had been a change in my skin tone, it had become darker, rougher, harder one would say it was even scaly, not knowing what to do I started scratching in a panic, finding no end in sight I scream out NOOOOOO! And then my vision starts to fade quickly turning dark and I end up back in my living room with a glass cup of Quest’s End in my hand and the taste still on my palate, missing the delectable flavor of the fine beverage that I had once consumed I take another sip a green shirt had appeared on my body and light brown pants, enveloped my legs then my voice itself turned into that of shaggy from the hit series Scooby Doo, not knowing what to do I take a step back, not being able to control my overwhelming power. I create a crater the size of my house, utterly destroying everything that I once owned. Grief stricken I fly to the moon , sitting and pondering to what this magical beverage was truly capable of, so I use 99% of the power that I was capable of containing and I rewind time before I had even taken a sip, safely securing my home, I put the glass down and the bottle on the shelf telling myself I will only ever drink this in emergencies.
5 Stars

A Paladins Oath

Tall, well-bodied and aged beautifully....that's just my review of Mathew Lillard.

I must be honest when I say I have yet to try this thoughtfully crafted whiskey as it is sold out and I am based in Australia.

However, reviewing the product's origins and package the authentic touch of Mathew Lillard has come to life in the storytelling of the Whiskey.

Truly a creative journey that takes the consumer from one realm to another, his passion for the world of D&D comes alive.

I imagine a Paladin brew to be one that is bold, unwavering and clear. I look forward to trying this potion once it is restocked and available for Australia.

A cheeky review? Yes, but doesn't make it any less true. To summarise, this whiskey is worth breaking an oath.

Taylor. J

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