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High Rollers Guild Rogue

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The response to the High Rollers Guild was so incredible the first time out, we decided to open up a very small batch of our historical Paladin stock to offer up another set of four – with benefits including a tasting and the lithograph! Rogue and Paladin will be shipped upon purchase, with Warlock and Dragon following upon their release, approximately 3-4 months apart (exact date TBD). We’re only offering 200 bottles, so don’t wait too long – this will sell out fast!

(NOTE: Rogue HRG will contain original Paladin – the only way to buy it!)

Benefits of Guild membership include:

Guaranteed Spot at the Front of the Line As a High Roller

You won’t have to roll the dice on getting Quest’s End – your ownership of the first four bottles is guaranteed. Not only that, you will get right of first refusal to purchase the next set as well. With 16 drops telling the mesmerizing tale of Seron and her companions in Dawn of the Unbound Gods, this series promises to be legendary. You won’t want to miss a chapter!

Virtual Tasting with the Creators

Ever wondered what magic goes into creating a whiskey like Quest’s End? High Rollers will be invited to an exclusive virtual tasting session with company co-founder Matthew Lillard, master blender Ale Ochoa, and the rest of the Find Familiar Team in this all-access pass behind-the-scenes.

Exclusive Signed Collectible Lithograph

Our Bottle Designer and Art Director Tyler Jacobson is a modern master
of fantasy art, and now you can own an exclusive print of his work! All High Rollers will receive a signed lithograph of the cover art of chapter 1 of Dawn of the Unbound Gods featuring Seron of the Pit, our eponymous Paladin.

Discount on All Merchandise

Want to show off some Quest’s End swag? All High Rollers receive a
discount of 10% on all merchandise… in perpetuity! (Some exceptions may apply.) Hats, sweatshirts, glasses, flasks – you’ll be more stocked than a wizard’s keep!

+1 Charisma

We can’t prove this, but we’re pretty sure it’s true.

(NOTE: Due to shipping limitations, bottle number reservation will no longer be possible for new HRG members. It will still be honored for Paladin and Paladin +1 HRG purchasers who register by their respective deadlines.)

Wondering whether we ship to your state? Have any other questions about our policies? Check out our FAQ!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Leylotheren the Rogue Ranger
Quest's End- Paladin and Rogue (soon also to be Sandkheg's)

I am a "elder" player of D&D . Honestly I was 9-10 yrs old when my father gave me for my b-day the original D&D box. (I still have). Honestly, it was tough for me to understand stats and the roll and addition. I am a concept guy. I dream and loved LOTR. It made sense my dad thought I'd be able to immerse myself and do the rolls. However, it took me 1-2 year to get it, and at 11- 12 I loved everything D&D. The TV show only reinforced my love. I and my friends ran so may campaigns in the 80's and then found others in the 90's and so long story short I bought the 1st 2 versions and am upset I am not the club as they are all awesome I ( even bought the Sandkheg!). As you can see I left a space on my best shelf for the Sandkheg I just bought, BUT- I will clear that VIP shelf and entire multi-shelf to only showcase the Quests End and Critical Role Whiskeys ... Warlock and Dragon are not only the 3rd and 4th I want to posses. They are my precious!!! My aim is all 12 and more!! Hahahahaaaa!


Being honest, while I enjoyed the occasional Bourbon & Amaretto, I've never been a big "whiskey guy". I literally saw Matthew Lillard & D&D and decided I was sold. I can honestly say I regret nothing. The whiskey itself is excellent. After my bottle of Paladin I decided to join their "High Roller Guild" and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Rogue has lived up to all of my expectations. It's been worth every penny. Between the taste and the collector-worthy bottles and a great and unique story, I can't recommend this enough.

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iPad not included.

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